Health Insurance Navigator Groups Announced

Aug. sixteen, 2013 -- The department of fitness and Human services (HHS) has offered $sixty seven million in presents to a hundred and five agencies with the intention to help humans purchase medical health insurance and understand their alternatives within the new medical health insurance Marketplaces. The presents will go to health care companies, nonprofit businesses, and commercial enterprise organizations in 34 states to teach insurance “navigators” as part of the low priced Care Act. The offers are for states where the federal authorities will run the marketplace and for states that are partnering with the feds. States that run their personal Marketplaces have separate navigator applications.

Navigators are supposed to be honest and independent helpers who might not receive cash from insurance corporations. They ought to whole 20 to 30 hours of schooling and be licensed via the nation.

In July, the HHS also presented $one hundred fifty million to extra than 1,000 network fitness facilities and clinics to help human beings buy coverage within the Marketplaces, additionally known as Exchanges. coverage brokers can also help humans with their insurance questions and help them sign on for a fitness plan via their country’s marketplace.

right here is the total list of businesses and their predicted offers:


Alaska native Tribal health Consortium, $three hundred,000
United manner of Anchorage, $299,918

Ascension health*, $202,706
AIDS Alabama, Inc., $501,380
Samford university, $326,794
Catholic Social offerings (Archdiocese of cell), $20,750
Tombigbee Healthcare Authority, $392,356
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Southern United Neighborhoods*, $270,193
college of Arkansas (The Arkansas Navigator Coalition), $774,745

Arizona association of network fitness centers, $1,344,096
Arizona Board of Regents, college of Arizona (middle for Rural fitness at the college of Arizona), $one hundred ninety,268
extra Phoenix city League, Inc., $523,773
Campesinos Sin Fronteras, Inc., $71,386


Chatman, LLC, $510,577

university of South Florida (Florida overlaying youngsters & families), $4,213,696
Epilepsy foundation of Florida, $637,686
superior patient Advocacy, LLC*, $413,152.20
criminal useful resource Society of Palm seashore County, Inc., $446,783
Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners, $600,000
countrywide Hispanic Council on getting older*, $646,825.50
Cardon Healthcare network, LLC DBA Cardon Outreach*, $238,000
mental fitness the usa*, $683,691

established Employment financial improvement enterprise, $2,159,360
university of Georgia (university of circle of relatives and consumer Sciences and Cooperative Extension service), $1,657,378

Genesis fitness machine*, $128,430
touring Nurse offerings of Iowa, $257,142
planned Parenthood of the Heartland*, $214,427

Genesis health system*, $137,283
Sinai fitness device, $157,271
DuPage County health branch, $182,543
Southern Illinois Healthcare foundation, $240,113
A safe Haven foundation, $324,736
Mercy hospital and scientific middle, $452,590
The Puerto Rican Cultural middle, Inc., $600,000
Illinois college of Optometry, $504,016
VNA health Care, $132,737
The East los angeles network Union, $294,182
countrywide Council of urban Indian fitness*, $35,000

Affiliated service companies of Indiana, Inc., $897,one hundred fifty
Plus One organisation, LTD, LLC, $130,875
fitness and hospital employer of Marion County, $590,985
United manner international, $424,586

advanced affected person Advocacy, LLC*, $195,556
Ascension health*, $165,683
Kansas association for the Medically Underserved, $524,846

Southern United Neighborhoods*, $486,123
Martin Luther King sanatorium, Inc., $81,066
Southwest Louisiana area fitness training center, $1,099,985.80
Capital place employer on getting older, District II, Inc., $a hundred,000

Western Maine network movement, $475,000
Fishing Partnership fitness Plan, $sixty six,846

community Bridges control Inc., $896,366
Arab community middle for monetary & Social offerings, $276,593
American Indian fitness & own family services of SE Michigan, Inc., $forty nine,583.50
Michigan clients for Healthcare, $1,319,345

Primaris Healthcare business solutions, $1,1/2,624
Missouri Alliance of place groups on ageing, $750,000

all rightHill Missionary Baptist Church Ministries, $317,742
university of Mississippi clinical middle, $831,986

Intermountain planned Parenthood, Inc., $295,604
Montana primary Care affiliation, Inc., $299,382
Rural health improvement DBA Montana fitness network, $143,076
North Carolina

Randolph health center, Inc., $352,320
Mountain tasks, Inc., $359,750
North Carolina network Care Networks, $1,988,428
Alcohol/Drug Council of North Carolina, $324,798
North Dakota

remarkable Plains Tribal Chairmen’s fitness Board*, $186,000
Minot state college, North Dakota middle for individuals with Disabilities, $414,000

network movement of Nebraska, Inc., $562,457
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, $37,543
New Hampshire

Bi-nation primary Care affiliation, $434,839
planned Parenthood of Northern New England, $one hundred forty five,161
New Jersey

center for circle of relatives services, Inc., $677,797
Wendy Sykes - Orange ACA Navigator mission, $239,810
The city League of Hudson County, $565,000
Public health answers, $four hundred,583
FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Inc., $137,217

Ohio affiliation of Foodbanks, $1,958,961
children’s medical institution clinical middle, $124,419
Clermont restoration middle, Inc., $forty four,938
supporting hands network Outreach middle, $230,920
neighborhood health affiliation, $684,630

Cardon Healthcare network, LLC DBA Cardon Outreach*, $178,500
Oklahoma community fitness facilities, Inc., $860,866
Little Dixie network motion business enterprise, Inc., $580,733

sources for Human development, Inc., $953,176
Pennsylvania association of network health centers, $694,380
Pennsylvania mental health clients’ association, $380,000
Cardon Healthcare community, LLC DBA Cardon Outreach*, $178,500
mental health the us*, $503,129
South Carolina

DECO restoration control LLC, $1,211,203
The Cooperative Ministry, $508,313
Beaufort County Black Chamber of commerce, $234,099.21
South Dakota

South Dakota community movement Partnership, $336,000
splendid Plains Tribal Chairmen’s health Board*, $264,000

based Employment economic improvement corporation*, $1,216,013
Tennessee number one Care affiliation, $781,265

United manner of Metropolitan Tarrant County, $five,889,181
Migrant health merchandising, Inc., $589,750
national Hispanic Council on ageing*, $646,825
alternate occurs, $785,000
United manner of El Paso County, $642,121
Southern United Neighborhoods*, $600,678
East Texas Behavioral Healthcare network, $1,337,520
national urban League, 376,800

Utah healthy coverage assignment, $406,788
Utah AIDS foundation, $126,258
Cardon Healthcare network, LLC DBA Cardon Outreach, $238,000
countrywide Council of city Indian fitness*, $35,000

Virginia Poverty law center, Inc., $1,278,592
superior patient Advocacy, LLC*, $483,433

partners for community improvement, Inc., $315,720
Northwest Wisconsin focused Employment software, Inc., $285,0.5
prison action of Wisconsin, Inc./SeniorLAW, $70,000
national Council of urban Indian fitness*, $35,000
national wholesome begin affiliation, $191,667
R&B Receivables control corporation DBA R&B answers, $104,520
West Virginia

superior patient Advocacy, LLC*, $276,617
West Virginia determine schooling and facts, Inc., $365,758

Memorial medical institution of Laramie County DBA Cheyenne regional, $401,281
Wyoming Senior citizens, Inc., $198,719